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City of Prague Philharmonic
Orchestra Recording

Tom Tom Studios
Budapest, Hungary

As a founding member of The Black Piper, Richard helped create a 31-track cinematic soundtrack album for the fantasy novel, "The Way of Kings", written by the world famous author Brandon Sanderson.  Richard wrote 25 minutes of music for the nearly 90 minute album focusing mainly on the album's most intense action and fierce battle scenes.  Book soundtracks are a relatively new genre which has only emerged as of late, the idea being that each song is an important moment in the book that can span from a few pages to a whole chapter.  Some of the important scenes included pivotal epic battle scenes, main character themes, or such touching moments that can only be conveyed through music.  The Black Piper raised over $110,000 through Kickstarter which allowed them to record with live orchestras using the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Hungary Studio Orchestra in Budapest.  The reviews from fans could not have been more positive and they are more than eagerly awaiting future albums for future books.

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